Reduce Visits To Your Bank With A Farm Equity Line-Of-Credit

With input costs for all farm production at record highs, many farmers are frustrated about begging their local banker every year for the money needed to plant a crop. Janus AG Finance now offers a ten-year guaranteed revolving line of credit.  The funds can be used for any legitimate purpose-farm or non-farm.

With our farm equity line-of-credit, you won’t have to worry about:

  • Annual visits to the bank
  • Yearly review of tax returns
  • Paperwork and negotiations
  • Sending crop sales checks to the bank and being left with insufficient money
  • Liens on your crops or equipment
  • Dealing with different or inexperienced loan officers
  • Banks cutting your funding when bought by other companies who have no interest or expertise in agricultural loans
  • Having banks dictate how to manage your farm finances and activities
  • Missing cash discounts or opportunities to purchase land or equipment quickly without waiting for your bank to approve your loan
  • Outrageous interest rates for operating money

Once approved, your farm equity line-of-credit is guaranteed for ten years while paying the lowest interest rates.

If you have equity in your farmland and want to eliminate these hassles every spring, recur to your experienced lenders and farmers at Janus AG Finance.  We can help you design a long-term plan to have operating money at your fingertips for the next ten years. 

You can take charge of your finances and know you will have the money you need every year for the next ten years. Call 303-847-0611 today!