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With Janus AG Financing, your goals and needs are our priority, and they are met in every way possible with our agricultural loans. Having gone through all these processes as farmers ourselves, we are one step further in helping our clients obtain the exact solution they’re looking for.

Not only are our agricultural loans diverse and designed to meet different needs within agricultural lending options. These are also flexible to meet your goals. Every business is unique, but they can all have the same growth opportunities with us.

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Our Loan Products

Here’s everything we can assist you with. Browse each of our agricultural loans and make your consultations:

Farm & Ranch Loan

Thanks to our customized financing solutions, family-owned farms or ranches can tap into the best farm and ranch loans. We’ll help you get your loan at the best interest rates, with cash out for improvements, paying down debt, or future planning.

Commercial Horse Property Loan

Our commercial horse property loan is the perfect solution for all boarding, training, and horse breeding operations, even if they’re not your primary source of income or you’re a part-time farmer. Explore our option here!

Rural Property Loan

Are you looking for a farm home? Our farm home loan is the best way to obtain it. We can offer up to 30-year financing even for properties generating small income. Learn more, or let us discuss your options with you.

Farm Equity Line of Credit

Our solid farm equity line of credit is the perfect opportunity for growing your operations by having the cash available whenever you need it. Save precious time by having to re-apply yearly to access your funds and have them at hand when needed the most!

Orchard Loan & Grove Loan

Cultivating a thriving orchard or grove requires strategic planning and financial support. Our Orchard and Grove Loans are designed to provide the capital you need for expansion, infrastructure, and more.

Vineyard Loan

Our vineyard loans cater to the unique needs of its owners, offering financial support for expansion, acquiring equipment, and so on. We provide comprehensive loan payment options that adapt to the nature of vineyard operations.

Bridge Loans

Navigating the ebbs and flows of the agricultural business can be challenging. Our bridge loans provide the proper financial assistance to bridge the gap between immediate financial needs and incoming revenue.

Siblings Buyout Loan

Family-owned agricultural businesses often face unique challenges, especially regarding succession planning. Our Siblings Buy Out loan provides financial solutions with ease, so you don’t have to worry about anything else.

The Best In The Nation

Our agricultural loans open a world of possibilities. With your needs in mind, you can access the best benefits:

  • Competitive rates as low as 4.6% (variable, adjustable, or fixed)
  • Various payment options & no prepayment penalties
  • Short and long-term options
  • Professional assistance by local appraisers & experienced underwriters
These benefits apply to most of our agricultural loans. They can vary with each loan product type, which has different requirements and advantages.

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Janus AG Finance is also a representative of Farmer Mac and has formed partnerships with financial institutions, private lenders, and insurance companies. We only work with the best of the best to provide that in our solutions.

With us, you’ll always find what you’re looking for in farm financing in the most convenient way!

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