Farm Size And Your Business


When one decides to enter the agricultural industry, there are a lot of different things that need to be considered. From the type of farm one wants to run to where financing will come from to where to buy equipment, everything matters when planning out a farm. But farm size is often something that is overlooked, even though it has a tremendous impact on the success of a farm.


While America remains the largest exporter of agricultural products, it’s also home to farms that are growing on a regular basis. The average farm in this country is now about 421 acres in size. And the fact is that large farms qualify for better government grants and different programs. In fact, telemetric software and fleet management programs are more popular than ever and offer a way to manage farms and maximize profits.


But the fact is that farms don’t have to be large in order to succeed. The actual size of a farm doesn’t matter as much as the business plan that it operates under. Things like targeted farming can really have a big impact on one’s overall success rate in the field.


For example, large farms are usually designed for maximum efficiency. The more crops it produces, the larger its profit. It strikes deals with major distributors and sends its crops all over the country. But a smaller farm may focus only on a regional or even local area, providing nothing but organic tomatoes, for instance. Or it could focus on producing milk that is only available on a regional level.


There’s a big push towards ‘buying local’ and ‘organic’ farming, and as a result the success rates of smaller farms are on the rise. While major, large farms are in constant competition with each other to survive on a large scale, smaller farms are able to operate with fewer competitors while delivering higher quality products.


There is room for farms of all sizes in today’s agricultural landscape, and it’s not hard to see why so many farmers are thinking small instead of big. There are options for farmers of all types and sizes, and the field is constantly changing.