What Is A Bridge Loan In Agricultural Financing

What Is A Bridge Loan In Agricultural Financing? Picture the following: You require a large sum to purchase an auctioned land to expand your farm operations, but you don’t have the money now. Even if you were to get an agricultural loan, you’d probably miss the chance anyway by having to wait to get approved…. Read more »

What Is An Agricultural Loan

What Is An Agricultural Loan? Everything You Need To Know Running a farm or any agricultural operation has its specific demands, and perhaps one of the most challenging ones is financing. Due to the particularity of the farming activity, to get funding via loans, there is a particular loan category for this: agricultural loans.  Whether… Read more »

Farm Size And Your Business

  When one decides to enter the agricultural industry, there are a lot of different things that need to be considered. From the type of farm one wants to run to where financing will come from to where to buy equipment, everything matters when planning out a farm. But farm size is often something that… Read more »

FL Orange Groves Are Coming Back

  It was not that many years ago when huge sections of central Florida were completely covered in orange groves. Over the past twenty years, however, many of these groves were bulldozed in order to make room for residential land development, particularly luxury housing units and single family custom homes. With the housing bubble firmly… Read more »

Finding Financing For A Farm

  When it comes to the success or failure of farms in America, it usually comes down to financing. The US is the world’s biggest exporter of agricultural products, with more than 2 million farms in operation around the country. But while there is still plenty of business out there for farmers, it’s often important… Read more »